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We Offer MORE

For your vehicle than any other dealer.

Sell your car, truck or SUV to us and when it comes time to buy your next vehicle, you will have the POWER of CASH in hand and dealers will drool while giving you an amazing deal on the car of your dreams!

What will you do

with all the extra cash?

Pinellas County’s BEST

Local Car Buyer. We Offer MORE, Guaranteed!

Pinellas Counties BEST

Local Car Buyer. We Offer MORE, Guaranteed!

*The ‘OfferMORE’, best offer guarantee is subject to proof of a valid appraisal from a Pinellas area dealership*

If “Sell My Car” Is On Your Mind..

OfferMORE will beat any dealer offer!

We are the local St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, Pinellas Park, St. Pete Beaches, Treasure Island, Tierra Verde & surrounding Pinellas County area’s highest paying car buyer. We specialize in purchasing vehicles FAST and always paying MORE than any appraisal we are brought.

Current Bonus Deal

Selling the Nissan?  Get More Cash with OfferMORE

Selling the Nissan? Get More Cash with OfferMORE

Looking to sell your Nissan? For the next 10 days, OfferMORE is offering a extra $100 bucks to anyone whos sells there Nissan to us. Whether it's a souped up 350z or a old Altima, we want to buy it! $100 Bonus Car Sale Bucks Details This offer is only for those...

Why Choose OfferMORE?

OfferMORE buys used cars and pays MORE!

We only purchased used vehicles including and our Guarantee is to beat any appraisal brought to us. If you have a car you are looking to sell for the most money possible, go get an appraisal from CarMax bring it to us and let us give you a better offer.

The OfferMORE Difference

If you are looking to sell your car, truck or SUV you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves in offering customers fair value for their vehicle. We are able to save on overhead by utilizing other, bigger dealerships appraisal offers in order to keep our time spent on your vehicle at a minimum.


Auto Industry Veterans

We’ve been buying cars from those looking to sell in Pinellas for over a decade. We know how to squeeze that last bit of value when it comes time for us to find the next buyer which gives us the ability to offer YOU the most possible upon sale time.

Step 1

Get an appraisal

Head over to a local car dealership such as CarMax or WeBuyAnyCar and get an appraisal.

& Done

Bring It & Get Paid!

Bring your appraisal to us and we will beat the offer by up to one thousand dollars cash on the spot.

*The OfferMORE Guarantee is based on the customer bringing us a valid appraisal from a verified local dealership. For more information please feel free to call us at (727) 871-MORE

Want even more for your vehicle?

OfferMORE has crafted a detailed ‘how-to’ guide just for you. From the obvious, clean and vac, to advanced techniques geared at maximizing value and making the buyer experience as simple as possible this in-depth guide will help you get the best possible offer for your car regardless of where you decide to sell.

OfferMORE’s Tips for Crashing Less

How Defensive Driving Can Save Your Life

How Defensive Driving Can Save Your Life

Even the best drivers get involved in accidents. In 2017 alone, about 4.57 million people were injured, and about 40,000 lives were lost due to vehicular accidents. Thankfully, there are ways that will help avoid such incidents and lower the number of deaths and...

Outsmarting Drivers by Inching Less

Outsmarting Drivers by Inching Less

We've all seen it happen on Pinellas County roadways on a regular basis. You're turning left in your green Beetle at the light, it's green to travel east and west, traffic is heavy and the guy in the blue Mustang front of you is waiting for a break in the line to make...

Merging Early Actually Makes YOU Less Considerate

Merging Early Actually Makes YOU Less Considerate

You may have the common misconception that when you see a lane ending, the right thing to do is immediately get out of that lane. In some instances this may be true, but when traffic begins to build, merging early and leaving a long empty lane is the wrong move. Yes,...

5 Tips to Prevent Road Rage Mayhem

5 Tips to Prevent Road Rage Mayhem

We all have seen it, and many of us have felt it. Maybe someone decides you dont matter and takes your lane, narrowly missing your sweet Subaru, or some jerk has decided the red light is a great time for a nap but regardless the cause, the feeling of anger swelling is...

Center Turn Lane: Get Your WHOLE Car In

Center Turn Lane: Get Your WHOLE Car In

The turning lane is there for a reason, please use it… all of it. Maybe you’re not 100% sure this is where you want to turn, so you lave half your vehicle in the roadway or you are preparing for a U-turn so you’ve left extra space to make it and you believe these are...

#4 Stop Depending on your Mirrors

#4 Stop Depending on your Mirrors

One of the leading causes of accidents comes from drivers failing to check their blind spot. It's very easy to simply look at the side-view mirror and assume you are good to change lanes but on today's over-crowded roadways there may easily be a car aside you, just in...

#2: Breaking Early

#2: Breaking Early

Firstly, be aware of how much distance is between you and the intersection ahead or car in front. If you have plenty of time to get through a yellow light, don't stop! If there are brake lights ahead, slow down, but don't slam your breaks on. This is a HUGE cause of...

#1 Stop Lost Driving

#1 Stop Lost Driving

You’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it, a car trying to traverse three lanes to make a turn they hadn’t originally planned on or worse, a car coming to a complete stop to make this turn.

We Buy All Makes & Models

As long as your vehicle has a valid title and you’ve got an appraisal from a local dealership, we will make you a better offer, guaranteed. If you have questions about our purchase process or how to prepare for selling your truck or SUV, please either call today (727) 871-MORE or use our quick OfferMORE form to contact us today.

At OfferMORE, we buy all models from local St. Pete / Pinellas residents including Ford, American Auto Models, Chrysler, GMC, Toyota Camry, Chevy, European models including BMW, VW, Honda & Mazda Cars, Toyota, Kia, Jeeps, Subaru, Nissan, Hyundai and more!

The OfferMORE News & How To’s Blog


We do our best to give our customers the highest possible offer for their car, truck or SUV. We have also begun to help the online community to save money in all facets of life. Whether you need some advice on how to prepare for selling your car or you’re looking for some financial life hacks, be sure to check out our blog and if you have questions, leave a comment!

Can I Sell My Car Online?

Can I Sell My Car Online?

A common misconception due to heavy marketing by deep pocketed car dealerships is the ability to actually sell your car 'online'.  Some of the really big players in the industry will even advertise that you can in-fact sell your car online.  The catch however is that...

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