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4 Tips on Buying and Selling a Car This Holiday Season

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Studies show that during the holidays are excellent times to both buy and sell a car. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade, the time is right to start preparing now. We’ve put together a quick hit list of our top 4 tips for both buying selling. From getting the most money when selling to finding the best deal on your next car, these tips are proven and brought to you by OfferMORE and the Kashtan Family of Pinellas County, FL with over three decades experience in the auto sales industry.


4 Tips for Selling a Car

  1. Elbow grease can pay high dividends when it comes time to sell. Removing old stickers with a hair dryer and a lint roller on interior dog hair are just a few quick tips for prepping you car for sale. Why bother cleaning it if your going to sell? Simply put, it pays off big time. What do you make at your hourly job? Let’s say you make $20 an hour. Spending three hours on your car could easily yield hundreds more on the sale price.
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  2. Pay it off! Although you can sell a financed car, you can get a better offer if it’s paid off. If you cannot afford to pay it off, try to take a small loan out to counter the debt. Pay it off, then when you sell the car, pay off the loan.
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  3. When to sell: Sell during the middle of the month on a Friday or Saturday. Towards the end and beginning of the month many buyers will be paying bills and less likely to pay a the higher price your valuable vehicle warrants. If you plan to sell during this 2019 season, do so a good week or two before Thanks Giving. This will give you plenty of time to find the right buyer.


  4. Sell to a pro: Skip the headaches, sell your car to car buying specialist such as Offer More of Pinellas County, Florida if you’re in the area. Car buying specialists will often have you first attain an appraisal from a large dealership such as CarMax and bring them the appraisal along with the car and clean title. They then beat the appraisal price by much more.
    Sell your car to OfferMore


4 Tips for Buying a Car

  1. Master the mail: Check the mail and take advantage of what may seem like gimmicks. If you have a mail box and own a car, the chances you’ve gotten mail from a dealership are about 99 to 1. It’s really easy to simply throw these, often flashy, extremely gimmicky looking marketing materials but if you’re looking to buy during this holiday season, slow down and have a look at what they’re offering. Beware of lottery style marketing ploys though as these are most often lead capture tactics designed to simply get you in the door.


  2. Haggle. Every dealership will bend on the price. No matter what they tell you, buyers can always make an offer on a vehicle and the dealer will almost always consider it. If you really want to beat the price down you better have your game face on at the dealership. Figure out the price you really want to pay and go ahead an tell them that price with a firm “Here’s what I’m willing to pay, you’ve got 10 minutes to accept it or i’m walking”. They will say no unless your price is hardly below their asking price. Say “Thank you for your time” and politely exit the comfortable chair they’ve put you in. The salesmen will be pleading with you at this point. Stick to your guns, begin to walk out and there’s a strong chance that by the time you hit the door they will accept your offer. If not, there’s still a chance they contact you within a few hours to accept.

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  3. Use their holiday & end of year quota’s to your advantage. On holidays and in the end of December car dealerships will have sales quotes they need to meet in order to get bonuses from the manufacturers. On these days your buy power is strong as dealers will be willing to sell a car at a loss in order to meet their quotas.


  4. Bring your own financing. Dealerships make a great part of their earnings through interest rates that often well higher then they need to be. By going to your own bank and acquiring a pre-approved loan you are in a sense, paying cash for the car which takes out the financing guess work at the dealership.

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If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or if you’re ready to sell to OfferMORE, click here to start the process today.




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