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5 Tips to Prevent Road Rage Mayhem

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We all have seen it, and many of us have felt it. Maybe someone decides you dont matter and takes your lane, narrowly missing your sweet Subaru, or some jerk has decided the red light is a great time for a nap but regardless the cause, the feeling of anger swelling is no joke. This feeling can overwhelm even the most rational of people and is a leading cause of accidents in the U.S.

It’s hard to control most of the factors that initially cause the feeling of pure anger crawling up your spine however there many ways to deal with it, and some to help prevent it.

1. Leave earlier

You wake up at seven, have to be at work at eight, it’s a ten minute ride to work so you leave the house at ten till. Congratulations, you’ve entered the race against time and it’s a recipe for pure madness. You may not be in a hurry from the get go, but after a few lights, a little traffic, and possibly something unpredictable, like the guy in front of you texting his boss at the light instead of watching it, and whamo, you’re freaking livid.
Get the gyst? Don’t become the guy at the light texting his boss you’re going to be late because you lost the race against time. The simple solution.. cheat. Time only has fair chance if you allow it. Leave for work at quarter till and no longer do those small delays cause you to be late, and thus even though anger may creep up on you, it’s not going to make you late, and you are far less likely to get all worked up about it.

2. Enjoy the ride

This one may take some practice, but believe it or not, many people out there on the road are literally enjoying driving. I would know, as I’m one of them! How is this possible? There’s a few factors at play here and most commonly it boils down to audio. Whether you find a great playlist from your favorite band, or you’ve got an epic Joe Rogan podcast on, you’re enjoying the ride by keeping your mind off the journey itself and instead enjoying the moment.
Another option starts with being aware of your surroundings. This is especially true if you are traversing a route you often travel. Staying cognizant of the surrounding foliage, buildings and even people yields the ability to be proud of your area, and even have talking points in future conversations.
Lastly, purchase a car that is truly fun to drive. This is what I did back in 2015 and although my gas milage could be better, I truly enjoy driving this car and look forward to getting behind the wheel each day. I might get up to the speed limit a bit quick, and take turns with nascar precision, but I don’t race from A to B. I’m enjoying the car itself and when issues arise, I think to myself, I bet I’m having a better day then that idiot is.

3. Mind control

With magnets and the right DNA modifying injections people can now control the minds of other drivers… on TV. Okay so no, you cannot control the minds of others on the roads Xavier, however, you CAN control YOUR mind. There’s tons of data and methodology on self mind control and a great deal of the most successful people on the planet practice it regularly in some form or the other.

Here’s a few tips on self mind control to help you prevent road rage: 

a. Name it: When you start to feel triggered, give that moment of road rage a unique name and say it aloud. Such as “This is green Honda road rage”. By giving it a name and proclaiming it, you have acknowledged the moment, and this subconsciously may help satisfy your need to further engage the anger.
b. Stay Prepared: If you know, and stay cognizant of the potential for another driver to be an idiot of some sort, you will be more ready to thwart the anger that surges when an issue arises.
c. Use the “Erase and Replace” mantra. This method requires you first start by saying aloud “erase and replace” followed by thinking of a song, or even moment that brings positivity to you and focusing very strongly on that thought, thus leaving the moment which caused your anger and the anger itself in the past. This is likely the most direct, and difficult form of mind control and takes a great deal of practice.
For more, simply google “self mind control”.

4. Stop Driving Like a Jerk

Really though, it seems some people on the road believe they literally own it. Can’t pass the guy in front of you? Tough, slow down, get off his ass and take a deep breath. Already mad before you get behind the wheel? Get out of the car, do as many pushup as possible, drink some water, scream at the top of your lungs like a raging lion and let the beast out! Doing so will help calm your nerves making you a much more pleasant, reasonable driver thus helping towards preventing your anger animal from surfacing during your commute to Waffle House.

This factor isn’t merely preventative for your sake, it will also help prevent other drivers (like myself) from going to battle with their inner anger monster.

5. Never Drive Hangry

I’m not even sure we need to elaborate here but I’d like to get to 1,000 words for this article so here ya go; Hanger = So hungry it makes you mad to exist without food. The “push ups and scream” tactic above can actually help here but ultimately, if you’re not able to eat something before getting on the road, your first stop better be the closest fast food joint. Prevent this ‘road rage’n for roasted chicken‘ inevitability by planning your day better next time. Pack a lunch, eat breakfast, do whatever takes to never drive hangry!


Install a dash cam. Next time someone is a moving moron you can rest assured your time to vent will come when you show your friends how dumb other drivers can be.

Hopefully this article will help you control that which you can, and accept the actions of others.

A final concept to consider: When someone does something to bring out your anger monster, try to imagine that driver is your Mom, Sister or anyone you care for. They are having a really bad day and all you have to do to prevent it from getting worse is control yourself.

In closing, if your car is causing you a headache every day, from engine problems to just hating the sound system, either fix it or sell it! Live in Pinellas? Sell it to OfferMORE for top dollar. Contact us today to learn how.

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