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Bonus $100 for Seminole Car Sellers

by | Jun 15, 2020 | how to sell your car, offermore, Special Offers | 0 comments

If ‘Sell my car’ is on your mind and you live in Seminole, Fl, you’re in luck!

Seminole residents get an EXTRA $100 no thru June 22nd 2020.

100 Extra car appraisal bonus

$100 Bonus Car Sale Bucks Details

This offer is only for Seminole (Pinellas, not Tampa) residents. Coupon holder must have a valid drivers license with proof of their residency within the specified city limits.
Offer is valid from 6/15/20 till 6/22/20. Coupon holder may only receive the additional $100 if OfferMORE makes an offer to purchase your vehicle after you have first received a certified appraisal from CarMax or another pre-approved dealership.

How to claim your bonus $100!

Either print the coupon out or pull it up on your phone upon meeting our friendly staff.

Outside of Seminole?

Live in Pinellas but not in Seminole? Follow our Facebook page to see when your city comes up for the special offer. We will be cycling through all townships in Pinellas County this year so stay tuned! Your city is coming! Also, we always beat CarMax appraisals so if you’re hurry in a sell, contact us today to get more for your car!


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