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Buy While Auto Industry Market Is Down

by | Oct 10, 2019 | buy car, offermore | 0 comments

With auto industry stocks down in the first week of October 2019, OfferMORE pro advisor Ryan Kashtan explains that now be the time to get a great deal on a new or used car.


Stock Prices Reflect Car Sales

“When stock prices go down it is generally a sign that vehicle sales are down. When big dealerships like CarMax experience low sales they often bring prices down and are much more willing to negotiate on the price of in-stock vehicles.” -Kashtan


On the fence on what to buy?

Debating getting something new VS. used? Firstly, when markets are down you will likely be able to find a better than normal deal on a zero mile car with a little age on it. That is, say a 2019 model that’s been bouncing around from lot to lot since January or better yet, a zero mile 2018 model. Dealers will be willing to make deals that cause them to almost lose money on vehicles in this type of situation. Need a little more help on deciding the ‘New Vs. Used’ debate? Check out this article we recently put together.


Bring Cash For a Better Deal

You may be surprised that you will find an every better deal on that new car if you’re able to negotiate with some cash in hand. Prepare you car for sale and then bring it to OfferMORE if you’re in the Pinellas County area to get the best offer and you’ll have cash in hand ready to buy.


Prep Your Car for Sale

Be sure to prepare your car for sale before you put it on the market or sell to a car buying specialist like OfferMORE so you can achieve the best possible dollar value at sale time.


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