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Can I Sell My Car During This Pandemic?

by | Apr 4, 2020 | offermore, sell fast | 0 comments

Short answer, yes, if price is the only factor we are looking at and you were already thinking of selling. However as the current guidelines and laws are subject to change, be sure to check on the Florida Health website for updates prior making arrangements to sell your car.

*If you are above the age of 65 and/or have preexisting conditions that make you more susceptible to the COVID19 virus, and/or are often in contact when anyone who is, we suggest you do not sell your car until this pandemic has come to an end.  

A Tumultuous Market

According to Forbes, the first quarter of 2020’s U.S. auto-market is already seeing a slump of over 15% and the long-term downturn could be as great as 50%. With the auto market in such turmoil while the COVID19 pandemic reeks havoc throughout the world, life must go on and until the situation worsens, used car sales here in Pinellas County, Florida are on the rise (comparatively) while less people can afford to buy new.

If you’ve been thinking of selling your car, truck or SUV, you may want to take action sooner than later. It’s possible and likely that the ability to sell may become very cumbersome the in the coming weeks while the situation worsens. Buyers may also be less likely to venture outside as more and more townships in Florida and across the US are enforcing Stay At Home orders. We also have the long-term economy as a concern and the rebound of the auto-market, after it continues to fall may be many months away.  


Selling on the private party marketplace

By utilizing options like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist you can often achieve a higher dollar value for your vehicle. Be sure to do so carefully and utilize safety methods to protect yourself both from the criminal element and exposure by following the CDC guidelines.  

Safer Selling

We suggest selling direct to a dealership or car buying specialist in order to minimize the risk to yourself and others that ensues when selling private party, dealing with multiple people visiting your residence. Selling to a car buying specialist also gives you peace of mind that the potential for a scam or worse is far lower. Choose a reputable buyer and so long as you call the write number, the chances of foul play are almost nil.  



How to easily sell your car to OfferMORE

Gather your vehicles title, both sets of keys (if possible), clean your car and give us a call at 727 871 MORE.

If you lost your vehicles title you will need it in order to complete the sale. You may need to file for it online as some Florida DMV locations are closed at least until April 19th. Check to see re-opening information here

Although OfferMORE normally requires sellers to first acquire a written appraisal we are currently waiving this necessity in order to help individuals better adhere to CDC guidelines.


Is it safe to sell to OfferMORE?

Our professional service providers are adhering to the CDC guidelines and taking extra precautions when inspecting vehicles and meeting with clients. Our traditional firm hand shake has been put on pause in lieu of a smiling wave. To read more about the extra steps we are taking to keep everyone safe, view our COVID19 Business Services Adjustment Statement.

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