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Can I Sell My Car Online?

by | Jul 23, 2021 | buy car, sell my car | 0 comments

A common misconception due to heavy marketing by deep pocketed car dealerships is the ability to actually sell your car ‘online’.  Some of the really big players in the industry will even advertise that you can in-fact sell your car online.  The catch however is that their payment to you will not be cleared until one of their inspection supervisors has had a chance to fully inspect your vehicle.  Thus, you haven’t actually sold your car ‘online’.  Instead, you’ve acquired an offer that comes with the stipulation of accuracy per your listing.

Car Buying Online

Selling cars online may not be so possible, however, ironically car buying online on the other-hand is much more realistic as a there are numerous companies selling cars online in 2021.  Even your local dealership is likely now offering a complete ‘virtual’ purchase system.

Selling Cars Private Party Online

You can of course ‘list’ your car online for sale with tools such-as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and OfferUP, however a buyer will need to see and test the car in person prior making a final purchase.

Selling online through ebay

If you have an Ebay sellers account with ratings high enough to sell an automobile, you likely aren’t reading this article because the chances are fairly high you are in fact a car dealer of sorts.  People do buy and sell cars online with Ebay, however when it comes to the general public, and individuals not savvy in the ways of high-tech Ebay Motors market place, you aren’t going to be listing nor selling your car, truck or SUV on Ebay.

Selling Cars Online for Pinellas Residents

If you live in Pinellas or Tampa Bay, Florida, you’re in luck.  You still can’t sell your car directly online, however you can get the best possible offer for your car or truck through OfferMORE, a car buying specialist located right here in St. Petersburg.  Click here to start the car selling process now, online.


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