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Cash is King When Car Buying

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Cash is king when buying a new or used car

Whether you’ve decided to buy a new or used car be sure to take cash with you for the downpayment. Cash? That’s right, or check, but a solid downpayment is the best ammo in for your car buying arsenal as dealerships LOVE immediate cash flow.

How to maximize your buying power with cash:

You likely have a car you want to either sell or trade in at the dealership. Sell it, don’t trade it in. This gives you the ability to go into the dealership armed with cash.

Not up for listing your car on the private-party marketplace? That’s alright, there is another option.

How to sell your car for cash without listing it on the private-party marketplace

Companies like Pinellas County’s OfferMORE are new to the auto industry and are car buying specialists. They do not sell cars on the consumer marketplace. They only buy them second hand.

How it works:

These companies instruct car sellers to take their vehicles to high-volume dealerships like CarMax and retrieve appraisals. Be careful, when you are on the lot at dealerships like this as you will undoubtably be confronted by a car salesman who’s primary objective is getting you to trade your used car in towards a newer model.

He will be friendly and ask you questions like
“what’s your dream car”
“where are you from”
“do you have kids”
“what hobbies do you have”

Each one of these questions is a lead to a follow up where in the end, he is trying to discern what model car you interested in. Next he will immediately tell you about a great car which is “perfect” for you.

How to dodge the car salesman:

Firstly, don’t be rude. Or at least leave that for your last ditch alternative if the salesmen simply will not relent. All you need to tell him is this: “I’m not here to buy a car today and I’m also not looking to have a conversation with you, sorry to be blunt”

Cash Power, (continued)

Okay, so now you’ve made it to step two. You have your appraisal. Now what? Take it to a car buying specialist who will look it over, make sure the VIN matches, is recent and they will make you a higher offer. These offers may be as little as a few hundred higher up to a few thousand more than the appraisal you acquired. It is entirely dependent on the overall value and condition of the vehicle.

West Florida, Tampa & Pinellas County Residents

You’re in luck; the highly rated, well trusted car buyer OfferMORE is your local source for getting a great offer for your vehicle which you can use to maximize your buying power at the dealership. Contact OfferMORE and sell your car as soon as today.


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