OfferMORE’s Tips for Crashing Less

Looking to become a better driver or help your friends and family get from point A to B a bit safer? OfferMORE is currently crafting an in-depth series of informative articles to educate drivers on some of the often overlooked safety issues happening on roadways from Pinellas County to Alaska every day.

#1 Stop Lost Driving

You’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it, a car trying to traverse three lanes to make a turn they hadn’t originally planned on or worse, a car coming to a complete stop to make this turn.

#2: Breaking Early

Firstly, be aware of how much distance is between you and the intersection ahead or car in front. If you have plenty of time to get through a yellow light, don't stop! If there are brake lights ahead, slow down, but don't slam your breaks on. This is a HUGE cause of...
Stop cutting off pedestrians at intersections

This right makes a wrong; stop cutting off pedestrians | OfferMORE Tips-4-Cashing-Less

Turning right? Let the pedestrian cross first! There is a large amount of the population whom do not realize that if you are in the right turn lane and pedestrians are waiting to cross the road you plan to turn right on, THEY have the right-away when the light turns...
Drive safer by not depending on your mirrors

#4 Stop Depending on your Mirrors

One of the leading causes of accidents comes from drivers failing to check their blind spot. It's very easy to simply look at the side-view mirror and assume you are good to change lanes but on today's over-crowded roadways there may easily be a car aside you, just in...
Safety Tips for Drivers snd Motorcyclists

Watch Out for Motorcycles | Tips for Drivers & Riders | OfferMORE’s Tips-4-Crashing-Less Series

In 2016 alone, there were over 500 motorcycle crash related deaths in the state of Florida. With an average of one or more riders being killed each day in Florida, it's time we spend a bit of time learning how to both ride safer and drive with more care.Today I...

Center Turn Lane: Get Your WHOLE Car In

The turning lane is there for a reason, please use it… all of it. Maybe you’re not 100% sure this is where you want to turn, so you lave half your vehicle in the roadway or you are preparing for a U-turn so you’ve left extra space to make it and you believe these are...
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