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How the OfferMORE buying system works

by | Dec 26, 2019 | how to sell your car, offermore | 0 comments

Not long ago, Ryan Kasthan was interviewed by Clayton Mayo of Channel 2 News and broke down exactly how the simple OfferMORE buying system works. OfferMORE of Pinellas County, Fl promises to beat other dealer offers and in order to do so they do require a few things be done prior to bring the car to them.

Sure, anyone can say “we will beat any dealer offer” but to actually follow through, and have a 100% positive track record from customers yields the need to be upfront with what they need from clients so there are no false claims or negative reviews on how the company or it’s processes. OfferMORE really will beat any dealer offer but of course, that is not to say that if your buddy offers you $10,000 for your old Chevy and you come to OfferMORE they will beat that offer. To prevent this type of scam from costing OfferMORE it’s high rating, our policy is to beat certified dealer appraisals.

There are many certified dealerships located in Pinellas County. We recommend CarMax as they offer fair prices and are extremely quick when it comes to their process.

Once you’ve got your appraisal all you need to do is call our number, 727-871-MORE and set up an appointment. In most cases we offer same-day service for custom convenience.

What you need to bring with you:

Drivers license.
Vehicle Title.

What you will be given:

An offer higher then you appraisal. We pay up to $1,000 more than appraisals but in most cases, depending on the value of the car this is a few hundred atop the appraisal price.
A ride! We will pay for your Uber within a five mile radius of the sale location. We also come to you when possible so we may buy the car in your driveway, making things much easier on you.

What we won’t do:

Sell you a new car! We are not car salesmen. We only buy cars so don’t worry about getting a never ending sales pitch for some car you don’t really want.

If you’d like to get the absolute most money possible for your car, truck or SUV we recommend cleaning thoroughly and repairing small imperfections or mechanical issues prior to bring us the car. For more information of how to prep you car for the highest offer possible, check out this article.


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