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Importance of Vehicle History Report in Selling Used Car and How to Get It

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There are many things to prepare when selling a used car, including getting a vehicle history report. This report will help both you and the buyer – it will provide you with a wealth of information so you can sell your vehicle at the correct price tag while the buyer will understand the actual condition of the car they are buying.

A vehicle history report includes aggregated federal, state, and municipal data. It will also include historical data from vehicle auctions and auto repair shops showing if a used vehicle has incurred flood, fire, and hail damages. It also indicates if the car was ever involved in an accident, how many previous owners were, and the total mileage, registration, and maintenance records. 

Benefits of Vehicle History Report

A vehicle’s history report is essential for selling a used car. It’s one way to build trust and tell potential buyers you’re not hiding anything. Here are some of the benefits of having a report on hand:

  • Transparency – A vehicle report will show the seller and the buyer everything about the car – accident history, mileage, etc. The data in the report will help potential customers make an informed decision and lessen surprises after the purchase has been finalized. This is an advantage as a seller because you no longer have to deal with after-sale issues.
  • Assess the vehicle’s condition – With the help of a vehicle history report, you will have information on any accidents or damages. The buyers can assess whether the car will be worth their money and if they are comfortable buying it despite the history. You can sell your car at the correct value as a seller since you know its exact condition.
  • History of ownership – It is essential to know the history of ownership when buying used cars. Having this data lets buyers know if there are any legal issues or discrepancies in the title. 
  • Mileage and recall information – Another benefit of having a vehicle history report on hand is knowing the vehicle’s mileage and recalls. The report can help verify the mileage to assess potential wear and tear. Knowing any recalls related to the car is essential for safety and maintenance purposes.
  • Lemon Law and Warranty – A vehicle history report will also contain information about any unresolved issues that could classify it under the Lemon Law. This data helps protect the buyer from getting defective vehicles.

How to Get a Vehicle History Report?

Now that you know why getting a vehicle history report is vital for both the seller and buyer, it’s time to get one. Here are some tips on how and where to get yours:

  • Online – There are various online platforms where you can obtain a copy of your vehicle’s history report. Among the most popular are AutoCheck, Carfax, and VINCheck. Prepare your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), as you’ll need this to generate the report.
  • Mobile Apps – Nowadays, there are mobile apps that you can download and install to help you generate a vehicle history report. You still need the vehicle’s VIN, but you can create the report directly on your phone anytime.
  • Dealerships – Some car dealerships and their service departments may be able to provide you with a comprehensive vehicle history report. They mostly use Carfax and AutoCheck as well.
  • Insurance Companies – Some insurance companies can also provide your car’s vehicle history report if you’ve been insured. However, expect to receive a report with limited data.



When selling a used car, being honest and upfront about everything related to it is crucial. A vehicle history report will show potential buyers that you are transparent and that they can trust your words about the car’s condition.

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