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Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Used Car

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Whether you are selling your used car to a dealer or a private party, there are things to remember so as not to get ripped off. You want to get the maximum value of your car when you sell it. No worries. There are ways to ensure that you do, including preparing all the necessary documents and preparing your vehicle for sale. Here are some mistakes to avoid when selling your car.


Don’t Sell Your Car Without Preparing It

One of the biggest mistakes you could make when selling a used car is not thoroughly cleaning the vehicle. This is especially true if you are selling to a dealership. Dealers will give you an appraisal based on various parameters that include the overall condition of your vehicle.

It’s a good idea to clear all the clutter and clean all the grime in your vehicle. Take your vehicle to a car wash if possible; it’s a great way to restore your car’s gleaming paint and smooth body lines. Vacuum and wipe down the interior surfaces. Clean the carpets and remove the stains in heavily soiled areas.


Having No Idea How Much Your Used Car is Worth

One mistake you need to avoid is listing your car or going to the dealership without knowing its actual value. This can lead to you setting a price that’s either too low or too high. Make sure to do your own research to know how much your car is valued in its current state.


Getting Expensive Repairs Done Beforehand

Although it is ideal for preparing your vehicle before selling it, you should not overdo it. A thorough cleaning should not include costly and significant repairs such as replacing the brakes. You may end up not recouping the cost of such maintenance since most dealers can cover such repairs after the sale.

Not Getting Your Car Inspected Professionally

If you have a car but don’t speak “Car and Driver,” you may need the help of a professional mechanic before selling your used car. Have one inspect your vehicle to identify potential problems that can cause the value to decrease. A mechanic can also issue an inspection certificate which you can show potential buyers to prove that your vehicle is in good shape.


Not Choosing an On-Brand Dealer

If you are selling your used car, going to an on-brand dealer is more advisable. Dealers selling the same brand as your car will probably have an established customer base interested in the same model as yours. So, if you have a Ford, consider going to a Ford dealer first.

Since on-brand dealers will know how to deal with any mechanical issues in your car, it won’t affect your car’s value much.


Not Knowing How to Negotiate

When selling your used car, shop around and have appraisals from various dealerships. This way, you have a basis for negotiating and making counteroffers. The upfront offer may not be the best, and you should be able to dictate a number you think is fair. Don’t hesitate to walk away if the deal bared to you is wrong. Use quotes from competing dealers as your leverage for asking for a higher price.

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