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Hyundai & Nissan

Nissan & Hyundai auto buyer, OfferMORE of Pinellas 

Hyundai and Nissan are respected auto manufacturers many people here in Pinellas know and appreciate. Featuring astounding attention to detail, reliability, and great driving experience, delivering both quality and value.

Popular Cars, With Good Reason

Nissan and Hyundai are some of the best cars on the road.

But, like any car, the time comes to part with your baby and get a newer model, or even change your criteria completely. Perhaps you have been dreaming of a new Porsche or Mercedes, or maybe your thinking of a cool new monster truck.

Whatever your dream, when you are ready to sell your Hyundai or Nissan, you need to know that OfferMORE is ready to buy. We love these reliable cars and we are willing to pay you more for them than any dealer in town. As much as $1000 more, so the choice is simple, it’s in our name, WE PAY MORE..!

It really doesn’t matter when you choose to sell your Hyundai, just remember, you can sell any Hyundai or Nissan in just 10 minutes. No need to bother with spending a day cleaning and prepping, taking pics and then trying to list it and hope you find a buyer.

You can sell your Nissan or any Hyundai so fast, don’t blink or you’ll miss everything but the money in your hands.

Ready to Sell Your Nissan or Hyundai Today?

OfferMORE Guarantees to beat any dealer appraised offer!
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Why Sell OfferMORE..?

Because you can rely on your good neighbors… the folks behind OfferMORE, the “Kashtan Family” have been in the automobile business since 1983, buying and selling over 100,000 vehicles right here in Pinellas County, Florida.

Want More Reasons..?

  • They have a singular focus… to give their friends and neighbors here in the Pinellas County area more options when selling their vehicle;
  • OfferMORE is conveniently located minutes away from CarMax and We Buy Any Cars, two of the largest appraisal services in the area;
  • The location is intentional because OfferMORE wants you to visit CarMax or another buyer FIRST. That way you can be sure you’re getting the best price when they OfferMORE, from $500 to $1000 more than your best offer… that’s just crazy, right?
  • Using the OfferMORE service, you automatically avoid issues like; Strangers coming to your home, Insurance costs and vehicle depreciation… You know all the headaches come with trying to sell your car on your own;
  • OfferMORE is not going to try and sell you a new car, they only buy your used car;
  • At OfferMORE we don’t care if you still owe money, they take care of the bank and pay you the net by check, credit card, or just cool green cash.

Selling your car to OfferMORE is as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Documents – (Loan/lease papers, Car Title, Driver’s License)
    “Have your service record ready before showing your car”
    (Pro Tip: producing records before being asked, inspires buyer confidence).
  2. Keys – (Gather up all key copies)
    Next, to make sure you get the best value possible, see our article; “How To Sell Your Car: Most Money Possible“, Featuring 34 Pro Tips to making your car look and feel like a new car.
  3. Get a Certified Appraisal – (Visit CarMax or any Commercial Auto Dealer)


Selling your car on your own is hard…

Selling your car to OfferMORE is hassle-free. The choice is simple.

The craziest part, the entire process can be done in less than 10 minutes..!