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Hair Salon / Day Spa / Barber Referral Program

This proposal is simple;

  1. Many of your custmers are getting a haircut or visiting a spa nearby;
  2. People will often talk about and consider buying/selling cars while getting a haircut;
  3. People are relaxed and in a comfort zone when getting a haircut;
  4. People tend to trust their barber or hairstylist;


How it Works

Start with the idea, what do we both need, that stems from a new car purchase?

  1. You want to buy the car they are selling;
  2. The merchant wants more haircuts, spa time, sales period;

This is the making of a perfect B2B relationship. Now what?

  1. Establish a relationship that includes the barbers, hair technicians, or spa staff;
  2. Establish what your willing to give for a referral;
  3. Standardize your offer;
  4. Print a simple cover & proposal

Okay, one possible proposal, meeting both parties requirements perfectly;

  1. Pay a simple $25 referral fee, to the referring staff member;
  2. Buy the salon or spa owner dinner for each closed sale (see; restaurant program);
  3. When you buy the car, give the seller a $75 credit for dinner with the salon, barber, or spa;


The Cost | The Benefits

This simple plan will cost about $150 per referral. The $25 goes to the salon or spa staff member that did the referral, the salon or spa owner gets a dinner certificate with a local diner.

The now “mutual” customer receives a $75 credit to spend at the salon or spa to celebrate selling the car, so you are sending the mutual customer back and paying for a haircut, perm, etc.

Happy customer, happy mechanic, happy salon or spa owner, and his lovely or ugly wife.


There’s more

One more benefit to the restaurant, you can help them to acquire cars for excellent prices a relationship he may choose to profit from. He or his wife, or a family member or employee will be buying too, everyone does. They give you a shopping list, an get wholesale prices direct from you. Priceless..!!

Drop some flowers (delivered) to the salon or spa owner’s wife on the 5th referral, and add a dinner show on the 20th referral.