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BMW, VW, Audi & all euros

Want top dollar for your Euro (BMW, Volkswagen, Audi or any Euro Car)?

Selling your European built car here in Pinellas County is easy. The fact is, many European cars are very popular here. But with so many available, it’s important to know the value of your Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and so on…

The right price at the right time is the key to a quick sale. So before you slap on that price tag, we recommend that you start with a rational price. To make that easy, we suggest you start with the Kelley Blue Book website. If the price range is encouraging, and you have time, you can proceed with selling your car at a price the market will bare.

As a rule, European cars are higher priced than American made cars. With the exception of Volkswagen, they are also very often higher-priced than many foreign options such as Toyota or Honda cars. For this reason, many Euro cars are regarded as expensive to buy, expensive own with higher insurance rates, and repair costs often come with a brand-name surcharge.

How to Sell Euro Model Cars

When you are selling your European car, your most likely looking for the higher-end buyer. They make more money, live in nicer homes and have better-paying jobs, so financing is going to be easier for them. All good for you as a seller. They expect to pay more for European cars too. Many will buy just because it looks better or the brand name sells the image they want to convey.

High-end buyers still come in a variety of packages. Not only are they both big and small, may require roomy seating, or they may wanting something that grabs both the road and the driver. They may also come with expectations including the use, for example, they may need a family car, or they may want a sporty car, perhaps they just want an image car like a BMW, a car that tells people they are successful.

The point is, you need to think about who will buy your Euro car, and how to reach them. For example, if you’re going to target families, you will use a different advertising medium than if you’re selling a sporty BMW Z car. Consider the advertising medium carefully, things have changed and many now buy cars using social media like the “Facebook Marketplace”, many will use eBay, some will use Autotrader, and some will search for the deals in the “ancient methods”, like local print publications. Target with care for best results.

Ready to sell your Euro?

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Getting the best value for your Euro Car

It is important to note that when selling a snazzy Euro car, you will want to give that new car feel a priority. Certainly, you know that new car smell? The feeling when you slide across those new seats, grab a squeaky clean, brand new steering wheel, you get to turn that shiny new key to on, and you hear that new car purrrrr…?

That’s the first impression you “MUST’ make when selling your used car. It’s a good idea to remember; “Your used car is the next guy’s new car…”. The moral of the story, make sure your buyer sees and feels the magic. Giving the buyer an experience that will make the sale, this works like a charm.

For those that need a checklist, OfferMORE Pro Advisor… Features “34 Pro Tips” to making your car look and feel like a new car, see “How To Sell Your Car: Most Money Possible“.

One of the best-selling European makes, the BMW

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Beautiful rear end of the BMW