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Japanese Cars Such as Mazda’s Hold Their Value

Looking to Sell Your Mazda?

First, you may have noticed that there is a good time of year and a bad time of year to sell any car. Strangely, this also applies to particular makes and models of cars too. So, one of the best things to get right is selling your Mazda at the right time of year. Of course, this is true for any Japanese car or other brands as well.

As a general rule, Japanese cars hold their value longer. This is in keeping with the fact that these cars also tend to last longer and cost less to maintain. Add, that Japanese cars like Mazdas, tend to get exceptional fuel efficiency, and are often snazzy, racy looking cars, or smaller more nimble high-performance 4×4 or AWD SUVs. There is a large segment of the car-buying market that favors what Mazda and other Japanese cars offer.

How to Get the Most for your Mazda

The first place to start is with the appearance of your car. If it looks like a million, perhaps you can get a million. But if it’s covered in mud, it’s hard to see a barn door out the windows, your kid’s unfinished ice cream and a dozen candy wrappers adorn the back seat. Let’s say the first impression is not helping.

For those that need a checklist, see “How To Sell Your Car: Most Money Possible“, by  OfferMORE’s Pro Advisor… Featuring “34 Pro Tips” to making your car look and feel like a brand new car.

Okay, so with your car looking snappy and ready to sell, when was your last tune-up? Ah, that long ago..? Hey, perhaps you should get a steam clean and a basic tune-up. At least make sure the engine is clean, the oil and other fluids are full, and for God’s sake, put some new windshield wipers, if they look like they need it. Make darn sure it starts on the first turn of the key and sounds like there is more battery than it needs. You don’t want anyone to worry it will not start for them.

Think about your audience, yes I know marketing talk… but if you want to sell your car DIY, your now a marketer, so man up, and let’s do this right… Buyers come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so you need to think about what size, shape, and type of buyer your looking for, who buys a Mazda?

If yours is the racy cherry red sports car, then your Mazda buyer is probably a college student, or a successful business manager, or executive. So, think about where to reach the target, some buy cars from newsprint, others from Facebook, and others on Instagram, eBay or Autotrader. Just match your media to your target buyer.

Now comes the hardest part… the advertisement. You must advertise like a boss. No cheesy ineffective advertising will do. Every day your target buyer has more than 1000 cars to choose from. So what makes your Mazda special? What does he need to know to get excited about your car? What does this buyer want to know? What does he want to see pictures of, and what does he want to hear about maintenance, insurance, etc. Sell to the target buyer, and answer every question, and you will leave even many dealers in the dust.

Ready to sell your Mazda?

We make the selling process simple and quick for local Pinellas County residents.

A Better Way to Sell…

At this point, it’s obvious that selling your Mazda DIY is NOT going to be a cakewalk. The fact is, it can take an average of 3-7 weeks to sell your car, even when you actively market using the perfect media. Many factors work against you. To start, dealers are in the game day in day out, and they use every trick. First, they make every car look like it was rolled off the line yesterday. Next, dealers will often offer help or even underwriting your financing options. That’s hard to compete with.

So, you are already looking for a buyer with cash, or perfect credit, the dealer, can sell to anyone, short of the beggar on the street corner.

So, OfferMORE is here to provide a faster, simpler way to sell your Mazda or another Japanese car. Save the time you will spend on your side job as a marketing guru. Sell your car for more with OfferMORE.

To start with, you can have your deal done and cash in your hands in as little as 10 minutes. It takes longer than that to get good pictures for your advertisement.

Better, you will know that OfferMORE is paying your more than any dealer or car buyer, because, OfferMORE wants you to go to any dealer or heck three or four dealers if you like, then come get up to $1000 more from OfferMORE. Yes, you read that correctly…

OfferMORE always pays MORE, they have too, it’s in their name.

So, let’s look at this again… you have choices, how to sell your Mazda:

  1. Advertise and Sell it Yourself;
  2. Trade-in (use your car as a partial downpayment on your next car);
  3. Sell Your Car to a Dealer Outright (Dealers buy cars for cash on the spot)

Or, you can get your dealer offer, then come get more, at you guessed it, OfferMORE.

Selling your car to OfferMORE is as simple as 1-2-3.

Firstly, if you’re not located inPinellas County, be aware you are going to have to take a trip to Florida’s beautiful West coast as OfferMORE only buys cars in this area.

Start here…

  1. Documents – (Loan/lease papers, Car Title, Driver’s License)
    “Have your service record ready before showing your car”
    (Pro Tip: producing records before being asked, inspires buyer confidence).
  2. Keys – (Gather up all key copies)
    To make sure you get the best value possible, see our article; “How To Sell Your Car: Most Money Possible”, Featuring 34 Pro Tips to making your car look and feel like a new car.
  3. Get a Certified Appraisal – (Visit CarMax or any Commercial Auto Dealer)

Okay, you’re done with the hard part… For the record, the folks at OfferMORE do not care if you still owe money, they take care of your lender and they pay you the net by check, credit card, or just cool green cash, you choose.

The craziest part, the entire process can be done in less than 10 minutes..!

YES, it really is that simple with OfferMORE..!