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Muddy Jeeps & Subarus bring massive bucks at OfferMORE

Muddy Jeeps are more popular than you might think… It can be said that a muddy Jeep is a good jeep. Because if your Jeep or Subaru spends a lot of its life covered in mud, you’re actively playing with it… and that’s just what a good Jeeps is for. Many will say the more mud the better.

Now, of course, you should not try to sell your Jeep with mud all over it. Like any used car, you want to put a little time into making is as clean and spiffy as you can. You want your buyer to get the same impression and feel for your Jeep or Subaru as if it was just off the assembly line, squeaky clean, sparkling in the sun, and you want the interior to smell and look brand new.

For those that need a checklist, see “How To Sell Your Car: Most Money Possible“, by  OfferMORE’s Pro Advisor… Featuring “34 Pro Tips” to making your car look and feel like a brand new car.

The Market for Jeep and Subaru Muddy Machines

It’s a well-known fact that Jeeps and Subarus are popular with folks that like to play in the mud. There’s a good reason too. Some are extreme mud machines and make off-roading all too exciting… Let’s face it, when your jeep, is spitting and throwing mud as she pulls out of a lake of extreme mud like the Swamp Thing, cheap thrills don’t even come close.

So, if you’re selling… the buyer you’re looking for dreams of mud too. You’re looking for a buyer that can easily appreciate the muscle, the mud tires, and a good wench for those really tough mud puddles.

To market your extreme mud machine, you should have a lot of pics. Of course, you want to show her shinny and polished, but make sure to include pics of her screaming out of the mud, show your Jeep crushing it while covered in mud. Show your Subaru pulling a Hummer out of the mud like she’s the boss. You get the picture and remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. So sell baby sell.

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How to Sell Your Muddy Jeep

Beyond the basics like cleaning and some awesome pics doing awesome things, you need a plan. The truth is that even though muddy Jeeps and Subarus are popular, you still have to market them like any other car.

Remember, here in Pinellas County, Florida there is no shortage of car dealers, they sell and compete with each other day in day out. Add the huge list of daily private party car sales, and the task of selling your Jeep or Subaru DIY, well let’s say it will not be a cakewalk.

So as noted above, spiffy clean and polish, some great pics and you are at the very least ready to compete with every other seller. Better, by adding pics of your baby covered in mud and pulling a Hummer, let’s just say no dealer will bother, so they look like they are selling a Barbie 4×4 compared to your mud machine.

Add that you are going to advertise where people look for mud machines. People don’t buy a mud machine from local classifieds, because they can’t see what it looks like. They want to see those cool pics you took. Many buyers today will look on Facebook, Instagram, or Autotrader. Do a bit of research to plan your marketing right.

How to Sell your Muddy Jeep, with the Mud in 10 Minutes

Okay, so you have time to play, but don’t want to become a car salesman. You want to sell your muddy Jeep or Subaru as fast as you can, so you can get a better mud machine or maybe your going to finally buy your wife that spiffy new sports car she wants, and give up the mud.

Regardless of the reason, OfferMORE is ready to help you turn your muddy “Swamp Thing” into instant cash.

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In just minutes your journey to sell your Jeep or Subaru has come to end, you’re cashed up and ready to negotiate the best deal possible on your next mud machine.

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