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Sell My Cadillac to OfferMORE? Yes Please

by | May 24, 2021 | cadillac, deals, offermore, sell my car, Special Offers | 0 comments

When the time comes to part with the Cadillac, OfferMORE pays top dollar

Ready to sell that old or newer caddy? OfferMORE of Pinellas pays top dollar for all calls but now thru June 15th anyone selling a qualifying Cadillac will receive an extra $100 bonus bucks atop the high offer we make you.

From old-school Cadillac De Ville’s to the new Escalade, there’s no model Cadillac we wont buy.

Bonus $100 on Cadillacs Deal Expires in








Bonus Cash Details

May only be applied to Cadillac model vehicles. Owner must first acquire a valid appraisal from local certified dealership. Next, make an appointment to have one of our friendly sales associates inspect your vehicle. So long as everything checks out we will throw an extra $100 on top of the offer we make which will already be higher than your appraisal offer.

Limited time only

This offer is valid now through June 15th only


available make: Cadillac

Bonus cash only available for Cadillac models during this special incentive time-frame.

Make it known

Car sellers must make known to our sales associate that you’ve seen this deal. Once a purchase is made we will not be cutting an additional check in the event your realize you forgot to mention the deal.


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