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DownTown St. Pete

Selling your car in Downtown St. Pete? Get the best deal at OfferMORE

Downtown St. Petersburg is a thriving community and one of the best places to live in Florida. St. Pete, as locals call it, has a plethora of bars, restaurants, shops, art museums, galleries and you’re close to the ocean. These reasons alone make St. Pete one of the best places to live for those that want to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle and enjoy a thriving business community.

If you frequent the Downtown St. Petersburg area for work or pleasure you’ve likely seen the wide assortment of beautiful automobiles.  Whether you are looking to impress your friends to clients, if it’s time to upgrade to a newer model car, sell OfferMORE your old car today.

Another of the many reasons St. Petersburg is a top tier community, including the many cool ways for you to spend your time. From the James Museum of Western and Wildlife art (full of astounding art pieces) to the totally rad Image Museum collection featuring an impressive contemporary glass art collection. If that’s not enough, look no further than St. Pete’s many impressive murals spread all across the city, they really are quite striking and they offer a variety of innovative and provocative ideas.

Eventually, Most People Will Want to Sell a Car in St. Pete

When the time comes that reasons to keep your car give way to the reasons to sell your car. We recommend that you jump in your car and enjoy a bit of fresh, and drive Downtown. A drive downtown is always exciting but it’s also a great place to sell your used car, and you can find a perfect new car as well.

When your at this point, it comes down to the three most common ways to sell your car;

1. Advertise and Sell it Yourself;
2. Trade-in (use your car as a partial downpayment on your next car);
3. Sell Your Car to a Dealer Outright (Dealers buy cars for cash on the spot)

Of course, selling your car DIY is time-consuming and adds other factors. Not only do you have to advertise in the right places, and write compelling advertisements, buyers will have to figure their own financing compared to buying from a dealer.

Downtown St. Pete features a variety of commercial car dealers, making it a great place to shop for a new car. You’re certain to find just the right car with the features, style, and flair you’re looking for. But before you can buy that new car, your going to need to decide the best way to sell your current car.

Ready to Upgrade Your Downtown Ride?

We make the selling process simple and quick for local Pinellas County residents.

Best & Easiest Way To Sell Your Car

Car dealers typically handle the financing and have relationships with banks to make crazy deals possible. Add that you’re going to have strangers coming by at all hours of the day, and you’re going to have to get comfortable with letting these strangers test drive your car. It can be scary and even creepy, it’s not a pretty picture.

Your second option is to use your current car as a trade-in on your next car. While this seems to be faster and easier, it has many pitfalls. To begin with, dealers are pros at this game and will use a variety of tactics to end up paying the lowest amount possible price for your trade-in car, 

Dealer tricks include offering little or no cash down payment, and of course creative, flexible or low-cost financing, even one or two skipped payments to get you out the door in a new car.

Your third option is to just sell your car outright to a local car dealer. For this option, the dealer will want to pay the lowest price he can, because he is not making a sale, he is simply looking at how much he can markup your car when he resells, so you can expect dealers to drive a hard bargain.

Downtown St. Pete shot from the boater near Vinoy Park

Live in the downtown St. Pete area and looking to sell your car? OfferMORE pays more.

A new, better and more profitable way to sell your car

Now there is a fourth option… This exciting option comes from OfferMORE, a family-run company that has purchased and sold more than 100,000 cars right here in Pinellas County, Florida.

They offer a totally different solution that features the following;

1. Sell your car in under 15 minutes.
2. Get up to $1000 more than any local dealer certified appraisal;
3. Drive in with your car, walk out with cool green cash in your hands..!

To get started, OfferMore encourages you to go to any reputable dealership, get your car appraised, and then OfferMORE will pay you up to $1000 more.

The reason is simple, OfferMORE actually wants to help you get more for your car, so they provide this ultimate car selling solution. Once they purchase your car, within a week, they will resell it to a local dealer, sell at auction or otherwise dispose of your vehicle at a modest profit.

Using OfferMore to get the best deal for your vehicle is a perfect idea. Check it out today, you will be incredibly happy with the results!

Aerial shot St. Petersburg Downtown Waterfront