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Selling your car in St. Pete? Now’s the time

by | Nov 17, 2020 | sell fast, sell my car, St. Petersburg | 0 comments

St. Petersburg’s not immune

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Although the current pandemic has turned almost everything in St. Petersburg, FL, and across the world upside-down, the demand it has created for second-hand cars may be considered the silver lining in the motor industry. With the virus ravaging most parts of the country with no indication that it may end soon, people are fast learning to live with it. “Life must go on,” most people are heard saying. People are aiming at continuing with their daily activities while taking the necessary measures to avoid its spread. With the virus heavily thriving in crowds, people are trying to avoid them.

Car Vs. Bus

Public transportation is one of the areas where crowds cannot be avoided, and the spread of the virus can be more easily spread. St. Pete and Pinellas County buses are no exception. People are trying to avoid public transportation by using personal cars. With the economic meltdown being experienced everywhere, most cannot afford new cars, so they have turned to the second-hand market to acquire a means that will offer a safe way to travel during the pandemic.

Along side this new demand for affordable vehicles, car manufactures have seen slumps in both production of new vehicles and new vehicle sales as people are becoming more financially conscience having possibly seen friends and family lose their jobs, or even shut their businesses down.

The demand for second-hand cars has surged while most of the other motor sectors have remained dormant or slumped. This means that if you have been looking to sell your car and upgrade your ride, a better deal awaits you as depreciation rates for automobiles are lower then what they have been historically and demand is at an all time high.

Yes, I’d like to sell my car today…

If you are looking to sell a truck, prices for used cars have shot up slightly compared to the pre-pandemic period, and that means one thing, your truck will fetch a higher price. Get going now as waiting may cost you. With the market becoming hard to predict, nobody knows what may happen tomorrow. A few months before March, nobody would have predicted lockdowns, masks, and social distancing. We cannot foresee what will be going down a few months from now.

Selling your car today will assure you’ve locked in a good value for your investment and with the prices for new cars having stagnated due to falling demand, you may get what you have always wanted at a fair price. If you are looking to buy used, it would still make sense to sell now and wait. Once we are over this, the demand for used cars is likely to go down, allowing you to acquire the car of your dream at a better price.

For a better deal when selling and buying, approach a specialist like Offer MORE. They will buy your car on a cash basis, providing the means you need to upgrade your ride. A car buying specialist like OfferMORE has experience in the industry, increasing the chances of getting the best deal in the market. The time to sell and buy is now; waiting may not give you the offer that you need, approach OfferMORE, and you will get the best. Do not let the opportunity slip.


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