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Selling Your Kia? OfferMORE Pays Cash!

Are you ready to sell your Kia?

Great, we can help. Let’s talk about how to get more for your Kia, and how to sell it faster.

You need to know that Kia is the second biggest car manufacturer in South Korea and the fourth largest in the world. Pretty impressive, and with good reason, since they were first available, Kia has demonstrated extreme reliability and fuel efficiency. You can’t go wrong with these to start, so this has been a major catalyst for the success of the brand in both the United States and international markets.

So now that you know how to talk about and sell your Kia, you need to establish the value. It’s best to have this set in mind first since you will be faced with negotiating the sale price at every turn. Think about it, if you try to sell to a private party, a dealer or a car buyer, that’s the game in a nutshell; the buyer wants the lowest price, you want the highest price.

So, now the bigger questions…

  • How fast do you need to sell your Kia?
  • Do you have 3-7 weeks to sell it yourself?
  • Are you ready to have strangers visiting your home at all hours?
  • Are you ready to let Carrot Top test drive your car?

Remember, some of the folks that will come by have cash, but look like they carry a gun and just left a drug bust.

Okay, so maybe your planning to do a trade-in? That is a much better plan, though the dealer wants to make the most he can, so he will do what he must to degrade and lower the value of your car. Meanwhile, he will offer you easy financing and toss in an alarm for good measure.

In end selling you an over-priced car, giving you the least trade-in for your car, and selling you on lower payments to close the deal.

Ready to Sell Your Kia Today?

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Here’s a better way… sell your Kia to OfferMORE.

In just 10 minutes, your out the door and without a car.

By the time you spin your head, you have cash in your hand. Now, your the boss, and you are dictating the terms when you go to the dealer cash in hand and drive the terms until you drive out with your dream car.

It’s always your choice.

  1. You can become a marketing guru, able to leap small buildings, compete with every dealer in town, and hundreds of private sellers, to sell just one car… all so that you can go buy a new car.
  2. Or, you can change the dynamics and be a car-buying boss, armed with cash and setting the terms of the deal in your favor. The best car, at the best price, with the best terms, is so easy when you have the cash to start with.

Visit OfferMORE today, come with your car… leave with your cash..!