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Selling Your Truck for Top Dollar

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Are you thinking about letting go of your truck to upgrade to a new or more spacious vehicle? You’re in luck, during the COVID-19 pandemic, dealerships and retailers have been looking for various ways to get customers out of their vehicles minus the hassles of being physically present during the sale.

But, regardless of if you are planning on selling your truck to a used car retailer or a dealership, there are things to keep in mind if you want to get top dollar for it. In this article, we’ll give you valuable tips on how you can get the highest possible return on your used truck.


Prepare All the Necessary Documents

In general, it is much harder to sell used cars on the private party marketplace. People are worried that there might be some hidden issues that will cost them major and expensive repairs in the future. Thus, as someone selling a truck, you need to be transparent and do everything to ease such concerns. And one way to do it is to prepare as much documentation as possible.

For starters, make sure to prepare all your repair and maintenance records. Showing these to potential buyers will increase their confidence that the truck you’re selling is in excellent condition. Ensure records of your regular oil changes, replacement of old tires and lights, tune-ups, etc. The document should also show any major repairs done if any.

You can also buy a CARFAX report that you can show to any potential buyers. This document will have your truck’s history report based on the VIN. In addition to your records, a CARFAX report will help show them that you’ve taken care of your truck.


Remember That Vehicle Presentation Is Key

Whether you are selling to a dealership, car buying specialist (like OfferMORE), or private party, you need to present your vehicle as best as possible. Getting a high appraisal value on your truck depends on how pristine it looks to an inspector.

Take some time to get your truck thoroughly cleaned and replace floor mats and other small accessories if necessary. If your vehicle has traces of trash, food crumbs, or dust accumulation on the floor and seats, customers will notice these and may assume the owner hasn’t been taking great care of the vehicle in other aspects such as the engine.

On the other hand, people will love the idea that they are buying a truck in pristine condition, even if it’s a secondhand one. You can pay for a detailing service or do it yourself. Wash the entire vehicle and remove all the garbage, crumbs, and dust in every corner. Use a heavy-duty vacuum if available.

Make sure to wipe down cup holders, door jams, ashtrays, and surfaces using automotive wipes. If such wipes are not available, sponge and soapy water will do. Use restorative products for the dashboard and other vinyl surfaces in the truck’s interior. For those noticeable scratch marks, use a scratch repair kit. Sand and prime any spots with some signs of rusting. Lastly, polish and wax the truck to give it an overall shine.


Consult A Mechanic

Aside from checking and cleaning the exteriors and interiors, you must also ensure not to neglect the engine and other parts under the hood. It would be best if you also refilled all the vehicle’s fluids, including the coolant and wiper fluid.

If you’re not up to the task and need more technical assistance, you can consult your trusted mechanic. You can take the truck to the local garage and have a mechanic inspect it for any mechanical problems. Tell your mechanic that you plan to sell your vehicle and will need a full inspection. Don’t forget to ask them about tune-ups and oil change services.

You should also consult your mechanic about removing any aftermarket modifications in the truck. Sometimes, standard model vehicle sells quicker than those with custom rims or large spoilers. Decals, running lights, and stickers can also turn off potential buyers, so remove those.

Here at WeOfferMore, we can help you get the best value for your used truck. We are the best place to sell your truck or other vehicles for top dollar. Our guarantee is to beat any appraisal value that potential sellers brought to us.


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