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St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Has a New Car Buyer

Hey St. Petersburg, did you know, it’s a fact, few of us buy a car and keep it for life. Most of us will get a new vehicle every 3 to 5 years.

We all buy and sell our cars for many reasons, including;

To upgrade the Ride;
Get some Extra Cash
Moving to a New City
Taking a Vacation, need the cash…

Best Methods To Sell in St. Pete

Whatever the reason, selling your car is neither fun or easy. Like most things, it takes time, energy, and you will probably have to borrow some money too. YUK..!

If you’re going to sell your used car DIY, then you will need to invest some time prepping your car, taking good pics, then some money advertising, and finally… get ready to let complete strangers test drive your car at all hours.

Selling your car yourself is no cakewalk…

  • You will also need to put some thought into things like who will buy your car and why?
  • Where should you advertise it to reach the right buyers, Facebook, Autotrader, the newspaper or Instagram?

Of course, there is also the time it will take, most times you’re looking at 2-4 weeks to sell your car.

Blue Haren on Upham Beach

Upham beach is located just North of St. Pete beach.

Ready for St. Petersburg's Best new Car Buyer?

We make the selling process simple and quick for local Pinellas County residents.

There’s a Better Way to Sell Your Car

That is if you want to sell your car without the hassles. Or you want to sell it the same day, cash on the spot. Maybe because you want to cheat, and move on to step two of the buying process… WITH your CASH… ready to negotiate the best deal, and the best financing possible for your new car.

This is where OfferMORE comes in… We buy all makes and models of cars. We are here waiting every day, “cash in hand”, and we buy the cars that roll on to our lot. In fact, were helping to keep Uber and Taxi drivers in the business. Because people are driving in and walking out with cash every day.

You can too. It really is that easy with OfferMORE. We don’t care if you have a muddy Jeep or a dirty Honda. We know it’s used, we don’t care if you have a loan. We don’t care if you have a spare tire. We don’t spend time nitpicking your car, looking for every flaw.

St. Petersburg’s Bayway Bridges

St. Pete has some of the areas best roadways for driving your brand new car.

Here’s how we work, bring these things to OfferMORE…

  1. Your car and the keys;
  2. Your documents (i.e. title, loan papers);
  3. Your appraisal (best dealer offer).

Drive-in with the above, walk out with $500 to $1000 more than the best dealer offer you bring us.

There is no better way to sell your car in Pinellas County.

Here at OfferMORE we live up to our name every day. We pay MORE..!! No complicated process, no high-pressure sales pitches. It will take you longer to get to OfferMORE, because the clock starts ticking when you arrive, and the deal is done in just 10 minutes, just like clockwork…

Don’t worry if your car isn’t perfect, a ding here a scratch there, even if your loan payment is past due (we don’t judge)… at OfferMORE we don’t care about the condition of your car, the make or the model, we don’t care your reason for selling, keep it a secret if you like….

If you have a dealer offer (i.e. appraisal) then we simply pay more. If you come here, we have no choice but to pay you more. Because that’s our promise, we always OfferMORE, it’s in our name, it’s our motto, and it’s what we do every day.

So, if you want a hassle-free way to sell your car and you want MORE for your car than any dealer will pay or do a trade-in. The answer is always the same… you want to come to into OfferMORE, drop your car, and pick up cash.

Skyline of St. Petersburg, Florida

If you’re looking to get a great offer for your car & live in St. Petersburg, choose OfferMORE to get the best deal possible.

So whaaat..? What are you waiting for?

We have the cash, and if it’s daylight out your window, we are here, ready, willing and able to buy your car… Just like yesterday, and tomorrow, we always pay more…

So why are you still reading this, you’re taking too long. There’ still time…

You can still drive to OfferMORE, sell your car, get your cash, and be back home, all in under an hour.

See you soon…!!