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This right makes a wrong; stop cutting off pedestrians | OfferMORE Tips-4-Cashing-Less

by | Feb 1, 2020 | tips 4 crashing less | 0 comments

Turning right? Let the pedestrian cross first!

There is a large amount of the population whom do not realize that if you are in the right turn lane and pedestrians are waiting to cross the road you plan to turn right on, THEY have the right-away when the light turns green to cross while you wait for them to safely cross the street.

What if the pedestrian is crossing from the other side of the street?

We were unable to attain a response from the local PD here but from our own experience and articles we could find online, so long as they have not yet made it to the median you may proceed with your turn. Once they make it to the median, stop and allow them to cross regardless of their walking speed.

*OfferMORE officially states you should consult with your local governing body to determine exact laws in relation to this topic.

Watch that side-view mirror when downtown

Some brazen cyclists in downtown areas take advantage of this right-of-way and may be peddling up to the intersection after the light turns green and expect you to check your rear view to see them coming. When you don’t they may slam into your front end and demand money to avoid legal involvement. Be careful here as even if you pay them cash on-the-spot, they can still come back and sue you, especially if they happen to have been wearing a helmet cam.

Stop rear-ending the last minute stoppers

Equally important, if you are behind a car in the turn lane, and the light turns green; watch the car in front of you, not the traffic coming from the left until that car has fully made his turn. This is a VERY common situation generating accidents everyday. The light turns green, the car in front of you starts to go, you look left, meanwhile that car in front of you realizes there is a pedestrian crossing so he stops abruptly, and you slam into him assuming he had already executed his turn.

‘Crash-less’ take-aways:
1. Know the law. Pedestrians have the right-of-way to cross the street on your right hand side when the light turns green.
2. Be extra cognizant of bikers when traversing downtown areas.


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