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Why Sell Your Car to OfferMORE

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Whether you’re thinking about letting go of your car because of the high maintenance cost or just wanting to upgrade to a new car, you’d like to ensure you get top dollar for it. To do so, you need to be aware of the prevailing market value of the one you’re going to sell and understand what factors affect value deprecation.

You must know how to present your vehicle to dealers or third-party buyers. They might low-ball your car if they notice that the vehicle is dirty and unkempt. It is also necessary to know what options you have as to where to sell your vehicle. Luckily, in the current used car market, you now have a few convenient options that will give you the most money possible.

But, if you want the best deal for your used vehicle, there’s no need to look further. Here at OfferMORE, we offer a hassle-free method and will give you the best possible deal. You don’t need to go through the burden of running ads, taking pictures, and all the hassles of selling a car traditionally.


Why choose OfferMore? This article will outline all the benefits and help you decide.


We Give the Best Offer

Did we mention we offer the best deal in town? OfferMORE has established a unique selling system and guarantees that you will get the best ratio regarding value and ease of sale. We also offer promos and incentives every now and then, so make sure to check our website from time to time. How does getting an extra $100 sounds like just for selling a specific car brand?


We Come to You

At the height of this pandemic, we have made some process adjustments to accommodate customers further. We are always about the convenience of our clients and if you want to sell your used car but can’t come to the dealership for health reasons, we are willing to meet you at your home for the vehicle inspections. We also ensure that our staff follows all health protocols, such as social distancing, and we always sanitize our hands before and after working.


We Will Beat Other Offers

OfferMORE has a unique selling strategy. It’s simple; you take your car to CarMax (or any other dealership) to get a written appraisal, and then you bring it to us. We will beat whatever offer is on that appraisal, no questions asked. We can offer $50 to $1000 more of the appraisal value. And the good news is that our dealership is located just a few minutes away from CarMax and We Buy Any Car. So, you see, it won’t take you a long time to get an appraisal from them and then come to us.

*We do retain the right to withhold an offer if we feel for any reason and especially if your appraisal is unrealistic.


We Don’t Sell Cars

As a car buying specialists, we are different from the competition because we don’t sell cars. We’re not like the other guys who will pressure you into buying a unit from them while you’re trying to sell your used vehicle. We don’t want to put that kind of burden on any of our customers. If you come to us to sell, we’re just going to give you the best possible deal we can.

Now you know that OfferMORE is the go-to dealership for a better and faster way of selling a used car. We are a family-owned dealership and have been in the automotive industry for over three decades. And in that span, we’ve provided customers with hassle-free service and bought more than 50,000 different vehicles to date.

OfferMORE buys all makes and models from customers in and around Pinellas County. We will buy your used vehicle, whether it’s a BMW, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru, Volkswagen, Kia, etc. We even write blogs and articles with helpful information to help you in your selling journey and ensure you always get the best possible deals.

As part of the Pinellas community, we want to make sure that we help every one of you who wants to sell a used vehicle. Check out our blogs for financial life hacks related to selling or buying cars or tips and advice for preparing to sell your vehicle.


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